Industrial Managed Services

Industrial Managed Services (IMS)

Industrial Managed Services are a suite of remote managed services developed specifically to support industrial manufacturing technology, improve production reliability and empower operational resources. IMS is always-on, "tech support for your factory".

On Call Expertise

24/7 engineering level technical support services offer access to experts in multiple disciplines, which are imminently available to respond to process failures and reliably mitigate downtime.

Automated Monitoring

24/7 automated monitoring of the OT network and connected devices will be provided, where possible, in real-time for performance metrics on smart OT devices including servers, networked HMIs, PLCs, PACs and managed switches. Performance loss or failures are automatically detected by our proprietary A.I. enabled tools and reported directly to the Novate Support Operations Center (NSOC) as well as your support team.

Technology Maintenance

Coordinated and engineering driven OT maintenance will be provided to ensure system performance. Operational technology systems require critical system vulnerability, compatibility and performance maintenance for OT servers and smart devices.

Novate IMS™

Novate IMS™ provides all of the services required to support the OT infrastructure in your facility, using experts in plant automation technologies, simplifying the demands, and streamlining communication.

Service Description and Function Novate IMS OEM Support Integrator Engineering Firm IT MSP
Support Center Monitoring
Server Performance
PLC & Controller
Network Performance
SCADA/HMI App Performance
Ethernet Control Device Monitoring
Realtime Cybersecurity
Antivirus and Ransomware
Virtual Machine Performance
Documented Maintaninence
Server and HMI Automated Backup
SCADA Compliant Operating System Patches
HMI Operating System Patches
Centralized Configuration Management
Process Grade Support
Expert engineering resources
OT Specialists for Svstem Maintenance
Multi-Vendor Technical Support
Process failure evaluation and support
Best Practices and Technology Guidancev
OT Specialists for Svstem Maintenance
Multi-Vendor Technical Support
Process failure evaluation and support