About Us

What We Do

Novate is an Industrial Technology Services firm that offers professional engineering design, turnkey project implementation, and support services for the technology that runs industrial production facilities.

From process control systems to information software, instrumentation, industrial networks, SCADA/BMS, measurement, inspection, motion, and industry 4.0 technologies… we've got you covered.

Why We Do It

We do what we do, in part, because we simply enjoy technology, automation and industry. It is exciting to live in a world where the applications are endless, and we get to be a part of the process of making the things that we all use and enjoy every day.

By the same token, we are passionate about making sure things get done right. Technology is complex and lots of things can go wrong, particularly in an industrial environment where safety and compliance are as important as productivity and efficiency. To do things the right way requires care and understanding of all the elements including requirements development, design engineering, quality installation, and effective support.

Core Values

Instilling confidence in our clients means delivering results year after year across a broad range of technologies and industries. That requires consistency across every part of our organization. That, in turn, comes from driving, promoting and living our core values every day.

US Manufacturing Matters

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, the US will need more than 4 million manufacturing jobs by 2030. Couple this with the political, socioeconomic, and national security benefits of a healthy manufacturing sector and the fact that manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector, and you get a sector that is a vital part of the country's infrastructure and of our future. It is an honor to be a part of what makes this country great.