Working At Novate

Working At Novate

People choose Novate to further their careers for many reasons. Sometimes it is the challenge or the technology or the growth opportunity or working in industry. What keeps people here is that this is a team, and everyone gets to make a difference.

Lifelong Learning

Our clients expect us to have greater breadth and depth in all aspects of industrial automation than anyone else. That means technology as well as best practices, code requirements, regulatory impacts, and underlying principles of the processes being automated. Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran engineer, if you are curious and you care, you will be learning something every day.

"After many not-so-comfortable moments where we had to rapidly solve problems, my confidence level has increased, along with my skill set."

( N. Fisher)

Dynamic Environment

In addition to a wide variety of technologies, Novate works in a broad range of industries and must solve for an array of challenges from complex engineering determinations to resolving mission critical process failures.

"Working for Novate provides experience dealing with things that are not always perfect and learning to combat changes in real time."

(Z. Bednarz)

Novate is for you if you want to…

Lead Others

At Novate, we are the ones in the room providing insight. The ones in the field directing others. The ones on the project owning the results and communication. As a member of the Novate team, your voice matters.

Explore Technology

Novate serves a market that is rapidly exploring myriad new technologies and there is little clarity as to its real value. Not only will you be exposed to new technology, but you will also be asked to dig deep in order to help others extract value.

Grow Professionally

The model and mantra of Novate is about professional-level services in every aspect of what we do. This is where technical and commercial professionalism matters, which will help you hone your skills faster.

Challenge Yourself

The work we do is technically sophisticated, highly complex, and always under time and budgetary constraints. When you test yourself against the more challenging work, you give yourself a competitive advantage.