Design Engineering

Enabling The Technology That Drives Reliability

Novate provides unique engineering design capabilities by integrating all of the disciplines required for a completely turnkey automation system implementation. To reliably achieve expected outcomes, design engineering must incorporate electrical, mechanical, process, network, instrumentation, and software elements. Designs must account for safety, serviceability, operating conditions, and often environmental regulations. Couple all of this with myriad technologies including control platforms, information systems, robotics, laser interferometers, line scan cameras, and more, it is easy to see how diverse your engineering team needs to be.

Through a combination of professional design processes, application of industry best practices, and rigorous adherence to the Novate Way, our expert team consistently delivers robust, intuitive solutions that produce reliable results every time.

Our Quality Work

Our full suite of engineering design services, industrial networking and control systems integration, and Industrial Managed Services ensure that our clients have all of the skill