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Novate enables superior industrial technology implementation by vertically integrating each of the professional disciplines required to deliver turnkey projects and providing 24x7 factory wide tech support for superior industrial reliability.

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Our full suite of engineering design services, industrial networking, control system integration, and industrial managed services ensure that our clients have all the skill sets, expertise, tools, and technology necessary for industrially robust, turnkey implementations and imminently available technology support resources when it really matters.


Design Engineering

Designing The Technology That Drives Reliability

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Industrial Managed Services

Supporting The Technology That Drives Reliability

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Control System Integration

Enabling The Technology That Drives Reliability

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Field Services

Installing The Technology That Drives Reliability

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Industrial Networking

Networking The Technology That Drives Reliability

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Fabrication & Assembly

Building The Technology That Drives Reliability

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Our Work

Metal Foundry​ ​

Automated Air Quality System​

Network engineering, Installation, Cybersecurity​ ​

Restored process network reliability and implemented automated compliance data analytics to streamline Air Quality Board reporting.

Utilized VM servers, Synology NAS Server, Watch Guard firewall, WIN-911, MS Azure Backup.​

Dairy Processing​ ​

Industrial Network Modernization​

Network engineering, Installation, Cybersecurity​ ​

Upgraded process plant network to support additional demand from digital transformation initiatives throughout this facility. ​

Utilized Cisco Core Switches, Microwave backhaul, VM servers, Cisco firewall, DNA Center, Offsite Cloud Backup.​

Semiconductor Equipment​ ​

Critical Life Safety Equipment Integration​

I&C Design, Panel Fabrication, Installation, Software Development​ ​

Integrated life safety equipment throughout clean rooms, wet labs, tank farms, and chemical storage areas to enhance emergency response times.​

Utilized Keyence flow switches, Rockwell remote I/O, Ignition SCADA platform, UL 508/A panel fabrication​

Winery​ ​

Integrated Refrigeration System ​

I&C Design, Network Engineering, Installation, Software Development​ ​

Designed and implemented a SCADA system for boilers, nitrogen generators, chillers, and storage areas to provide data capture, visualization, and alarming for improved operational performance ​

Utilized BACnet IP, Modbus, Ignition SCADA platform​

Frozen Food Processing​ ​

Mixer Modernization ​

I&C Design, Panel Fabrication, Installation, Software Development​ ​

Converted obsolete legacy PLC platform to a current Rockwell platform to resolve ongoing reliability and support issues while increasing operational awareness. ​

Utilized EtherNet/IP, CompactLogix PAC, PanelView+ HMI​

Cement and Mining​ ​

Batch Controls Upgrade​

I&C Design, Installation, Software Development​ ​

Designed and implemented a new control system for a batch control process to mitigate risk of obsolete hardware and provide enhanced management data for raw material scheduling.​

Utilized ControlLogix PAC, PanelView+ HMI, Ignition SCADA, Synology Backup, SAP Connector​

Food Processing​ ​

Dryer Conveyor Controls Upgrade​

I&C Design, Panel Assembly, Networking, Software Development​ ​

Upgraded a conveyor control system for this food processing dryer to increase system reliability, enhance serviceability, and improve burner operation.​

Provided UL508/A panels, ABB VFDs, ControlLogix PAC, Cisco switches as well as implemented segmented OT network architecture. ​

Semiconductor Equipment ​ ​

Critical Subfab Process Control Upgrade​

I&C Design, Networking, Software Development, Installation​ ​

Conducted risk assessment and updated legacy control platform for all subfab processes to enable a phased migration of critical facility equipment from ControlNet to EtherNet/IP.​

Provided ControlLogix PAC and updated Ignition SCADA.​

Aerospace​ ​

Propellant Mix and Cast Migration​

I&C Design, Panel Assembly, Software Development, Installation​ ​

Migrated motion control system on a Class II Div I propellant mix and cast system to resolve recurring mechanical failures and recurring loss of servo motors.​

Provided GuardLogix PAC, Safety I/O, Cisco switches, and Kollmorgen Servo​

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4 Key Design Principles for the Adoption of Industry 4.0

Image Source: Pexel

Behind every successful production process is a holistic engineering design that’s centered on quality and productivity. As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to play an increasingly important role in smart manufacturing, organizations throughout every industry are depending on strategic design and deployment plans to adopt Industry 4.0. At Novate, we have identified 4 key design principles that ensure an effective adoption process.
  1. Interoperability

In order for AI technologies and physical systems to work together harmoniously, design plans should consider how each system will interface to achieve the desired production goal. In turn, control platforms, protocols, machines, and devices must incorporate standardizations and common configurations that enable deterministic real time data transmission and communication between systems and equipment.



  1. Process Alignment

To actualize the full potential of Industry 4.0, designs should leverage an organization’s existing infrastructure when possible or plan for process adaptations. Bridging the gap between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) may require adaptations from both sides, resulting in improved output and performance.

  1. Context

Predictive analysis is a major component of Industry 4.0, streamlining the collection, interpretation, and application of data. At the same time, designs must frame data with the appropriate context to ensure accurate, value-adding predictive analysis. In turn, organizations can improve their industrial technology with greater transparency.

  1. Security

Throughout the IIoT design process, special consideration must be given to security. AI and cross-connected systems require high levels of accessibility. In turn, there are more threat vectors for potential attackers to exploit. To ensure uninterrupted operability within Industry 4.0, security should be a top priority.



Closing Remarks

Industry 4.0 offers a broad spectrum of new possibilities for industrial organizations. At the same time, each of the design principles listed above should be taken into consideration to ensure efficient adoption and deployment processes.

If you are seeking a strategic partner with a full suite of AI and industrial technology solutions, our team at Novate is here to help. We invite you to get in touch via our contact page for questions.

Thank you for reading.

Essential Steps to Successfully Implement AI in Manufacturing

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